About Us

I appreciate you stopping by PCOscilloscope.net. My name is Nathan and run this humble website.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m an Electrical Engineer and have worked for Lockheed Martin designing Hellfire Missiles and also worked for 3D Systems desinging rapid prototyping equipment. In my short 10+ year career I have used several types of oscilloscopes including 2 different types of PC Oscilloscopes. I’ve used the PCI card to bring in high speed data analysis and also packed USB PC oscilloscope while in the field.

In my spare time, I have a few hobbies that require an oscilloscope. I spend several days researching PC oscilloscopes and have documented much of that research here. I’ve bought several oscilloscopes over the years – some from Ebay and some from Amazon. I’ve never been burned, but I’m also pretty particular who I will buy from off these type of sites. I built this site because I didn’t see a resource for people research oscilloscopes. Most of us hobbyists can’t afford a top of the line Tektronix oscilloscope so PC oscilloscopes are a great alternative.

I will also provide the best information about pc oscilloscopes that is currently available. If you find something out of order or incorrect, please contact me and let me know. Electronics change quick so if you find a better deal or newer oscilloscope on the market let me know ASAP. If you’ve used any of these oscilloscopes please shoot me a quick review. I would love to pass it along to the rest of my readers.

I obviously don’t know everything about pc oscilloscopes. I certainly know enough to be dangerous and have been around the block buying and selling on the internet. If you find information about these oscilloscopes inaccurate or down right wrong, email me.

In full disclosure, if you end up buying a pc oscilloscope from Ebay or Amazon using one of my links, I will receive a small commission. It helps pay for my hobbies and my next oscilloscope ;) The fact I receive a small commission from this site DOES NOT IMPACT my recommendation or personal reviews provided.

Again, thanks for visiting and best of luck finding a great deal on a pc oscilloscope!